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Real Estate Law

Guidant attorneys realize that, oftentimes, a business or individual’s most valuable asset is real estate. We’re here to ensure that any transaction involving this asset supports our clients’ best interests and goals.

Our team of skilled attorneys brings expansive knowledge about state real estate law, rules, and regulations, which ultimately govern anything related to buying, selling, or using land. Ultimately, we are focused on helping our clients successfully close major deals, protect their real estate assets, and understand the fine print in contracts or other legal documents. Whether you’re an individual or a business, a buyer or seller, we’ll help you through any real estate transactions or challenges you encounter.

We can assist in a wide variety of areas related to real estate law, including:

  • Commercial (land, office, retail, industrial) and residential purchases
  • Sales and auctions
  • Commercial and residential leasing
  • Construction and development, real estate lending, and collateral
  • Contractor licensing
  • Materialmen’s liens
  • Real estate investment, partnerships, joint ventures, syndication, and teaming agreements
  • Commercial lease enforcement and lockouts
  • Asset protection and anti-deficiency judgment protection
  • Real estate title and title insurance
  • Listing agreements and real estate broker/salesperson issues

We can help our clients feel more confident in signing contracts. And, we make sure that our clients know exactly what they’re getting in the transaction, whether they’re buying, selling, or leasing.