Although many companies are anxious to return to normal, those that use downtime wisely will bounce back strongest. In an article for Phoenix Business Journal’s Leadership Trust, Phil Glasscock recently shared 10 action items companies should take to position themselves for growth.

Phil’s advice includes tackling administrative projects that often get ignored, like creating a business succession plan, conducting a corporate compliance audit and bringing corporate minutes up to date, as well as reviewing and renegotiating contracts and invoices with landlords, suppliers, customers and lenders. He also points out opportunities businesses can use to their advantage, including marketing, networking and mining work with existing customers.

A member of the Leadership Trust since December 2019, Phil regularly contributes articles about pertinent legal issues impacting the local business community. His diverse experience conducting business transactions, litigation, and estate planning for manufacturers, international distributors, professional services firms and family-owned businesses gives him a breadth of experience that is invaluable for the Leadership Trust’s exclusive community of influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the Greater Phoenix area.

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